Life Science Nation (LSN) accelerates the business of early stage life science via a sourcing platform. This platform enables executives to find firms that are a fit for their business profile. Professionals leverage LSN to generate a global target list (GTL) of qualified prospects, greatly enhancing marketing efficiency. LSN researches and curates market intelligence on two industry sectors: The first is emerging biotech and medtech companies, which by their ephemeral nature are challenging to find and track. Second, LSN tracks ten categories of early stage life science investors and identifies who is filling the void left by venture capital. LSN has developed unique methodologies for tracking and keeping up-to-date with both of these dynamic market segments.

LSN created and manages the successful Redefining Early Stage Investments (RESI) conference series, which brings together global early stage biotech and medtech companies with early stage investors. LSN has also written and published a book, The Life Science Executive’s Fundraising Manifesto as well as a weekly newsletter, Next Phase, with a readership of 20,000. Finally, LSN presents a Fundraising Workshop Series at conferences and partnering events around the globe and provides seminars on branding, messaging, outbound marketing and sales to incubators and venture development centers within the life sciences.